Chugging carb juice?

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May 31, 2007
Tucson, Arizona
I am thinking I have a fuel delivery system issue, but need your thoughts on this.
Stock 1986 fj60, almost 130000 miles, daily driver. No choke cable, but never needed it anyway until recently. When the engine is cool, it starts with a few pumps on the gas pedal, starts fine, no issues. Once it is warmed up, it has a really hard time starting again, like when it was running, parked for 15 min, then you try to start it again.When I look at the window in front of the carb, the gas is not in the center as it should be. Another thing that is happening is when I am driving down the road, especially shifting from one gear to another where you give it a little more gas, truck begins to chug and lurch like it is getting gas, then not, then getting gas again. The fuel filter is always clean.
Any ideas? Do you think it is time for a carb rebuild? Anyone else have this problem?

BTW, I attached a picture of my daughter just because she loves riding in my fj60. An early fan!
well the hard starting issue after a 15min park could be due to vapor lock. is your carb fan running properly after shut off?

a new fuel filter solved my chugging problems under load.. perhaps change yours out even if it looks to be clean.
Hey thanks for the replies. Carb fan is working fine. Can you explain to me what vapor lock is? I have always been clueless about this.

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