chrome wheels

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Mar 30, 2003
Charleston SC
im looking for some chrome wheels. im currently running my stock rims that are 15x6 but thats too skinny for my tire. i consider it to be a safety hazard (or thats what im telling my dad). my tires say they need a minimum of a 7" rim. i figure i should get 15x8's.

I want strong, inexpensive, chrome wheels. Please help me find some.
i have seen those. the only problem is the backspacing is wrong. most are 3.75 when i need 3.5 should i just et a 1/4" spacer? is the bolt circle 6x5.5? (88 fj-62)
Yeah, grab a spacer or just call somewhere like 4 Wheel Parts and ask them to quote you some wheels with the backspacing you need. The bolt circle is 6x5.5. You can also call Summit Racing and ask them on the phone. They have more stuff that they don't list...1-800-230-3030. Good luck!

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