Christian valley road ?

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Dec 3, 2005
Coquitlam B.C.
Any one ever travel the Christian valley road from Westbridge to hwy 6 in the Okanogan ? I am planning our route for our 10 day long road trip and want to hit some secondary roads.
Funny, I was thinking about that exact spot just yesterday and looking at the maps. There is a lot of trails there but there is also a lot of high mountains, might be too early for it.......that's wrong, it's the end of June and it's too early....

Haven't been there, but interested also.
Good gravel road the whole way. Not plowed past the 20km mark or so I think in winter. It's about 60km long.

There are some rec sites along the way as well. I love the Kettle River valley.

Other good shortcuts:

1) Kane Valley from Coquihalla over to 97c (instead of driving through Merritt). Nice lakes and camping spots there. Doesn't take any longer but really, are you tired of pavement by the time you hit the Coq summit?
2) Greenwood through Phoeniz over to Grand Forks

Grab a Backroad Map Book; lots of secondary roads to explore in southern BC.
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Haven't explored there much, but it is a nice valley, and a good detour if your driving btwn kelowna and rock creek. Gets really busy in the fall though.

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