Chris Wilson - DA charges will be filed. Get on-board if you have a claim

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Beachcomber Bernie

Wife Approved, Mud-life crisis
Jul 15, 2013
Placerville, CA
Please refer to the following thread

Buyers beware WCruiserJunkie

Most important that you call the detective immediately and add your claim to our case.
Bernie, you are my hero...........thanks for bird-dogging this. If you have dealt with Chris Wilson and been screwed get on board. If you live in the Southeast most of the CL ads regarding 40/60/62 parts, seats, wheels, trim are him!!!!! He has ads from Chatanooga, Nashville, Atlanta, Nothwest GA, Lookout Mountain, etc. Chances are if you got screwed on CL in the Southeast you got screwed by him.
funny how this works i have more fj40 parts than i will ever need and they dont sell because of shipping or i dont take credit cards and dont deal with stupidity and all these people are getting screwed all over the place .parts will sit until im gone then the wife will probably scrap the stuff

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