Choke woes

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Too much to do...
Jan 13, 2005
Grand Haven, MI
So there I am, driving home yesterday from college. I had my FJ40 loaded to the gills with tools, clothes, books, etc. as I'm moving back from college for good. About 20 minutes away from home I notice the idle is high when I come up to a stop sign, so I pull off to investigate. Normally, the throttle linkage gets stuck a little and idles at about 900 RPMs or so, instead of 650, and is usually cured by pulling the choke out and then pushing it back in. I go to do this, but lately the choke cable has been getting harder and harder to pull out, no matter how much WD-40 I send in there. This time, I pull the choke cable out. Not out in the normal sense of 4-5 inches to adjust the air/fuel, but ALL THE WAY OUT!! The wire snapped off! I get out and manually adjust it back to normal, but my freakin' choke cable broke!

So, two questions: Does anyone have a spare one laying around, or does anyone have a good repair method? The cable sheared off 3/4 the way from the knob.

I'm thinking of clipping it off, making a groove in the choke pull bar with the ridges, then welding in a new wire. I can see several things going wrong with this, but that's the only thing I can think of at this point. Thanks guys and gals.

Try TPI 4x4 and SOR is most likely the most expensive.

I tried to fix my throttle cable some years back and it was a PITA. I ended up making it fubar and buying a new one for around 12 bucks. It worked way smoother than it ever had. Well worth getting a new one I'd say
A generic choke cable should be readily available at a fraction of the cost of OE. It would be a lot quicker AND SAFER than the options you've expressed an interest in, and buy you some time to hunt down a deal on an OE one.

[This one on Summit for $6.95}

I personally prefer the older, non stranded cable [which is what the aftermarket usually is too] I pull the cable out of the sheath every couple of years, hammer out the kinks, lube it with some engine oil and reinstall.

The cable is now 45 years old, just like the truck.:)


Mark A.
I did the exact same thing. I replaced it with a piece of baling wire until I can get a new one. It doesn't have a knob. Just a loop on the piece sitcking out of the dash.

That was 2 years ago.:D

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