Choke no worky

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Jul 19, 2010
My 40 starts wonderful,first turn.I have not needed to choke it.When I do pull the choke out it will run a little worse,but it will not rise the rpms.Smog stuff is gone including computer.Is this a problem with the fuel cut off not being grounded or maybe something with the choke breaker.The buttery closes as it should.Carb was rebuilt and seems to work awesome.Any help,Thanks,Matt
Should be a place on the choke linkage to adjust the idle so when you pull the choke, the idle goes up.
Thats a big help,I figured the set screw I'm missing could have something to do with it.Is this where that adjustment would go?Thanks,Matt
That looks like the spot.:beer: I have mine set to kick the idle up very early in the "stroke of the choke"....if that makes sense.


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