Choke cable

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I bought a universal choke cable at napa for $11. Works great. You have to cut it to length. Beats buying a used one or a stock if you can even find it.
What's driving around with the choke pulled out all the way gonna do?

If the choke breaker is functioning, nothing catastrophic - but if it isn't, then you're going to be running way rich after it warms up; fouling spark plugs and washing oil off of the cylinder walls. Why risk it?
I did the universal cable thing as well and works great on my 73 F motor.I don't know what other "choke" features are on my motor.
I have a universal one and it works, but the handle is ugly. Wish I had an OEM one.
I cleaned up the end of the rod connected to the choke knob and had my neighbor TIG weld a piece of stainless filler rod on. Worked great!

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