Choice of boosters for a FJ 40 with front discs

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Arabian Cruisers
Mar 6, 2010
Dubai, UAE
I've converted to a front disc brake setup using FJ 60 components including a proportion inf value from a 60. The booster or vacuum is not working and my 40 one is also bust. So I have a chance of buying a new one.

Should I get a booster for a 40, 60 or 80 ?

Also what master should I use ?

A simple 40, 60 or 80 would do as an answer

Thanks for your input in advance.
There is some people that use a gm booster I believe, and it doesn't take much to modify. I have also heard people using the 60 booster and only needing to shorten the threads on the rod by about 3/4" or something inside where it connects to the pedal maybe?. I was going to go the 60 route on my last one. They all seem pricey to me.
40 - NLA

60, 70, 80, mini truck, 4runner... All work.

I'm running 80 series with an 80 master (4wheel disc brakes).

My stock 40 master bolted onto the 80 booster, but it was pooched.
I assume it fits correctly... But my choice is the 90's 4Runner Dual Diaphragm booster with the 1" aluminum stand off to the firewall.
the 40 booster/master worked well with the 60 front brakes, 60 rear axle and 35s on my truck - but only for a short while, until the booster quit :(

so I got the 4 Runner booster/master combination - not thrilled about it at all, because the front is not strong enough over the rear, even with adjustment of the aftermarket proportioning valve. The brakes are worse now, and the pedal travel is less than with the 40 booster (not enogh pedal modulation for the trail). More experimentation will be needed . . .
86 4 runner booster and master works good for normal people
I've ordered from my local toyota dealer a 80 booster, master and proportioning valve. Let's hope my tires don't pop from the braking power hahahahaha

If that doesn't work my fzj80 would happily take it.

But please keep your answers coming in.

This is a picture of the 60 setup.

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1420026638.819329.jpg

With the booster upside down to fit in the firewall.

Could that be the problem ? That it's upside down ?
That's not a 60 booster. That explains a lot! I just installed a 60 booster and mc in a custom fj40 motorhome project, and it's got plenty of poop to stop a MOTORHOME!

Never worked on an 80' so I can't say about their boosters.:meh:

Faaaaak. R u serious ? Took the word of the guy at the junk yard. Cool I'll be sending it back along with other junk to swap for other parts.

Are these FJ 60 boosters then ?

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1420035854.863612.jpg

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1420035824.832493.jpg

Would it make a difference if I get a booster with abs ? Or should I get one with out ?
Faaaaak. R u serious ? Took the word of the guy at the junk yard. Cool I'll be sending it back along with other junk to swap for other parts.

Are these FJ 60 boosters then ?

View attachment 1011375

View attachment 1011374


Possibly in some other country, but they don't look like ours. The first pic looks like a 60 mc in a 60 series engine compartment. The booster in the second pic looks more like our domestic app, but not exactly either.
Cool. I went and got the 80 booster. It's huge.
After reading around ill just change the 80 master to one without ABS for better brake line connection alignment as I have a proportioning valve from a 60 the I connected and already spent a day getting all the lined up, flared and connected.
And sorry to ramble on but I will be eventually putting 80 axles and coils on the 40 so an 80 booster and master seem to be the best fit after all.

Will post pictures of the installation tomorrow. Become a pro at swapping them out. The trick is in using a cordless power drill with an extension and universal joint and the socket head. Done.

That reminds me need to charge it.
It's working a dream with the 80 booster. Waiting for the 80 master

Great start to the new year.

Happy new year everybody
I'm done and it drives a treat.

Thanks to all of you who replied , to boozewz for continued support of info, and mud community for all those little bits of info that made this a success.

Had to put some space between the 80 booster and the firewall and the pedal is a dream to press. Feels better than most modern cars.

Ground a small groove into the booster to replicate the factory one except it's on the opposite side due to having to install the booster upside down.

The 80 master without ABS is a bit shorter than the stock but the lines had to be bent a bit to fit.

All in all I'm happy with it.

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1420131899.283890.jpg

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1420131921.396070.jpg

I sprayed clear varnish over the new drain groove to stop it from rusting form humidity. I'm sure brake fluid would strip it fast. I'll get it painted properly down the road.

Will snap a complete picture in the day time.
Toyota pickups (and others) used a spacer from the factory... Rather than nuts.

Enjoy the new brakes, I do... It took a few minutes to get accustomed to having well boosted brakes. Combined with 4 wheel discs it stops on a dime.
Thanks bikersmuf Will go looking for that spacer.

Did you install a proportioning valve ? And if so from which model

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