Chinese Toyota Knockoff

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Jan 30, 2006
check out this new brand of chinese cars:

They seem to "borrow" designs from Toyota, Nissan, and Isuzu

Those things are VERY popular here in Guatemala since everyone wants a Toyota. My experience with Chinese vehicles would have me running, yes running, away from any Chinese vehicle.

At the school here where I work we have a Wuling (GM of Shanghai) submini van. The first one we got lasted 10,000kM (6000 miles) before it's first major rebuild of the engine and tranny! Needless to say we demanded a new one and got it which still sounds as if it's about to fall apart at any moment and all the bearings sound as if they are being chewed up.
I just noticed that is is "Great Wall". Does anyone know if it's the same company as ZX Auto? We have TONS of the "ZX Auto" Toyota knockoffs here in Guatemala. Beleive it or not there is also a company copying Jeeps?!? SsangYong or something like that.
zx auto

When i was in Panama I saw may zx auto trucks. They are just like the 89-95 toyota p/u. There were billboards advertising zx as well
When i think of china

greasy stinky food.
little plastic toys you find in 25 cent machines.
millions of people.
Long boring walls.

I definitly DO NOT think TRUCKS!
All i can imagine is getting iside the cab, and the steering wheel doest have the logo, it says, "MADE IN CHINA" Turning the lights on for the second time, the damn lever breaks off.
The seat belts are boot laces, desigend for a 20 lace boot.

But seriously, you cant blame those people for making a truck that looks like a toyota.
Toyotas are the the BEST trucks ever made! every one wants to be like them.

you think the only pedals inside this thing are bike pedals?
BWAHAHAHAHA!!!:grinpimp: :grinpimp: :D
I just can't decide between the "safe", "socool", or "deer" model.
enutter said:
I just can't decide between the "safe", "socool", or "deer" model.

You should see the "Sailor" before you make up your mind. (a friend pointed out that the names sound like the Village People LOL)

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