Chinese Military Trailer

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Is it broke yet??? Based on their quality it won't last a year.
Cool looking trailer.
Remerber. After one trip it needs to be rebuilt. Like Chinese food, 2 hours later youre still hungry.
I looked at it in person. It's not much bigger than a large motorcycle trailer and really cheesy. One would be better off to start from scratch building a trailer.
Rubiconcruiser said:
Like Chinese food, 2 hours later youre still hungry.



Sent from deep in the mountains of Honduras using only sticks and rocks.
it must have been garage kept this whole time for a cheap chinese piece of history to last more than one week. relax dont do it!!!
Must be pictures of two different trailers or I'm missing something like the a false bottom. The picture with the lid open the floor is flat. The tailgate open and bottom side pictures both show ribs. Another draw back is the lid hinges at the back. You forget to latch it and it will fly opening while traveling down the highway. The lid will rip off the hinges and be gone along with all your stuff scattered across the higway.

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