SOLD Chicago: 5 '15 LX570 OEM Wheels and 5 Rock Warriors - will deliver to NY/NJ post-sale

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Jul 20, 2018
Westchester County, NY
For sale:

Full set of five (5) 2015 20" LX570 OEM wheels with OEM Dunlop tires (which I'd recommend against using). Removed from my LX570 when I bought her at 21k miles. Very good condition. TPMS removed.
20"x 8" , 5x150 BCD, +60mm offset. $500 FOB Chicago.

Full set of five (5) Rock Warriors with some sundry collection of tires which would get you home on a short road trip. Bought as a set to put winter tires on my LX, but I have not found I need separate winter tires in Chicago, unlike the northeast. They are all in good condition, but expect some scratches, etc. No TPMS.
17" x 8", 5x150 BCD, +50mm offset. $1100 FOB Chicago.

If anyone expresses interest at all, I'll run down to the basement at take some detail pictures. I am willing to ship worldwide; buyer pays shipping.

I travel to NY/NJ very frequently for work - couple times a month. Can also come to Atlanta. If it's of interest, I can deliver to either of those locations for $100 post sale.

Also happy to trade for high quality fly fishing gear and maybe upland hunting stuff...
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I am interested in the RW wheels. I live in Seattle so shipping would be the best bet. Do you have a way to estimate freight?

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