Chevy Vortec with a GM NV4500 clutch

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Sep 1, 2019
Castaic Ca
I have decided to do a V8 swap on my 71 FJ40. The deciding factor for me was scoring a NV4500, well I just picked one up so now the I need to start gathering parts. I have contacted AA and I know they pretty much have everything I need...but I like most people that are not made of money I try and find the best parts for the best deals. With that being said please don't confuse cheap with best deal, I don't mind paying for quality but sometime you get the same quality for less. I will be buying the trans to transfer case adapter from AA and some other stuff they have but AA wants about $400 for a clutch setup. It's all pieced together which makes it sound like a custom kit, I realize the Land Cruiser slave cylinder doesn't have the throw that the Chevy clutch likes but there has be an alternative. I've heard the LuK 04-072 is basically the clutch setup AA uses but can't confirm of course. Anyone have personal experience with this setup? Again 96 and up Vortec with a 92 GM NV4500 in a 71 FJ40 using the stock hydraulic clutch setup. Thanks in advance.

I think you might find soon good reading at ebay #264808317199 (if you have a Gen I engine) or ebay #264808322913 (if you have a Gen III engine).

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