For Sale Chevy V-8's, 22RE's, W56's, IFS boxes F/S

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Aug 23, 2004
Carolina, RI
United States
Time to clear out some lawn ornaments...

late 60's 327 short block mated to a column shift 3 speed trans and transfer out of an FJ45LV. Been sitting out in the weather. $75

late 70's 350 4 bolt complete. Been sitting out in the weather. $75

(2) 22RE long blocks for rebuilding, no intakes or EFI stuff. $50 each

(2) W-56's, unknown conditions on either one. One is an early W56, the other a late W56 with forward shift t-case. $50 and $75 respectively.

(3) minitruck IFS power steering boxes. One is tapped for hydro assist. $50 / $75 respectively.

Any other minitruck stuff needed, just ask, I might have it. Trade offers for parts always welcome. I'm in need of some 36-38" tires, Saginaw box, steering column for sag steering, 44044 springs or rear FJ60 springs...

Mike. Located in RI.
See, this is the way it always goes. I'm interested in something large/heavy and it's pretty far away.

I'll bite anyway--how much do you think it would be to send that 70s 350 to 35120? It's probably going to keep me out of it, but maybe not.

If nothing else, free bump. Good luck.

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