chevy springs

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Nov 1, 2004
shrewsbury, pa
looking to spring over the rear axle as i am redoing the back half of the frame due to my good buddy rust. Now the question is ive heard of using chevy 63" 3/4 ton leafs. how does it flex, does it fit under the cruiser and what is the lift off the stock chevy springs. I've done the searches and heard people talk about doing it just havent heard any feedback on how they run. my other option was going to find a coil spring for the rear. any ideas.

thanks all
I replaced my worn out 3" lift Pinnacle springs with some 3" lift Chevy springs. It sits 1" higher with the Chevys or probably about the same height as the Pinnacles before they got tweaked and sagged.

The flex is great. Ride is good. Gained an additional 8" drop.
downside is they are so much longer, it seems like I'm dragging the rear of the springs and shackles on rocks more.

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