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Aug 11, 2005
Sunny South
i have a project that i'm building up - got most of my engine, tranny and t-case ideas sorted out.

I have a 85 chevy suburban that i was thinking about mounting the leaf springs to the rear of the 40 - i believe there 63" long. I realize that there will be some fabrication with mounting them to the frame, which i have no problem with. I thought i would have better ride and more flex with these springs. then i'd build a beefy trac bar for it. I really haven't heard or seen to many people do this, i heard of them using them on mini-trucks but haven't seen any on 40's I was thinking about using the spring hangers from the suburban and retrofting them onto the cruiser frame with some obvious modification. haven't thought to far into this so its not at all bomb-proof yet just throwing around an idea for some input.

thanks all
Apr 13, 2003
The only issue is going to be the length. It is going to stick way back there. I had some for my Mini and I remember thinking that they were awfully long.

They also have a decent amount of arch so if you are going SOA it could get tall pretty quick.

Just my thoughts, ROB
Sep 28, 2003
Way too long.. if you had the rear shackle hanger in the stock location it would take about 6" off your wheelbase and the front shackle hanger would need to be 12" in front of the stock location!

If you moved the rear hanger all the way to the end of the frame and had a decently long shackle at a steep angle you may be able to get 3 or 4 inches back, but it would still be shorter than stock wheelbase.. With my FJ60 Springs i should have about 3-4" more wheelbase..

i dont think it will work on a 40. Great Springs for somthing with a long wheelbase!! Usualy no track bar is needed with these suckers, But Most who run them are Still Powerd by 4 bangers

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