Chevy motor mounts

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Jan 22, 2004
What is everybody using to put a chevy in their pig. There was some talk awhile ago about the mounts that go up and over the frame. The person who originally made them for 40's no longer does , but someone was thinking of making them and maybe for 55's.
I dropped the ball on that. I have the contact information for the guy that is willing to make the 'over the frame' mounts for pigs. If there is enough interest, I will get the ball rolling on this again.
I would be interested in a pair for my 55 depending on quality and price of the mount.
i fyou hurry i'm interested, but i plan on the v8 going in in the next two months. motors built, just need to finish assembly (drill out the bellhousing bolt i broke and get the trans/xfer assembled and figure out what i'm going to do for a rear mount. the bellhousning is set up for rear engine mounts. might look into that.

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