chevy conversion

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May 28, 2008
Badger, Minnesota
so i have this cruiser that i bought and it has an old old old chevy straight 6 in it. is this the same bellhousing and everything as the 350? the only reason i wanna know is if this motor goes i wanna know what i am working with. i had the carb rebuilt last year and if the carb belongs to the motor it put the production between 1930 and 1962. just wondering if the bellhousing is all the same. motor runs good and i gave it a tuneup and has good power for the size.
Not likely if it's in the first 2/3rds of that time span.
Get the numbers and google the engine and/or bell housing numbers. Or call/email advanced adapters with same.
so its a gen 2 straight 6? which they stopped making in 1963,if so i believe the answer is no .

gen 3 straight 6's which started in 1962 had the same bell-housing as the sbc.

i would do as suggested and get the numbers off it and look it up , who knows it could be out of a corvette or a pickup truck .

sorry im not more help.
thanks guys i m just looking into the future as i don't know how much life is in it

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