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Aug 14, 2005
Montrose, Colorado
How hard is the wiring for this and which column should be considered? All im looking for is tilt and a simple and clean install.Anybody have any pics. This will be hooked up to a Scout II p/s box.
Aug 16, 2003
granite falls WA.
did you try a search ? this has been covered alot.

mine is 74 cammaro but just about any old chevy clounm should work. but look for one with out the shifter like chevy with 4sp, trucks,nova's, etc. wiring isnt that hard took maybe an hour of screwing with to figure out. i did enlarge the opening in the dash to get it to fit higher. i cut the chevy colunm bracket and used it to raise the colunm up.i also made my own bracket for the fire wall, just basicaly cut a flat piece of steel to fit the factory location and used a hole saw cut hole for colunm to fit through and tac welded peice to the colunm and bolted it to the holes in the fire wall. it should work the same for scout or saginaw install.

good luck
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Sep 18, 2005
Willamette Valley-Oregon
66fj40x2---I could not get your links to work. Interested in your wiring info.

burnttoastburgos---I am currently doing this mod using an '89' GMC Jimmy column. Like lone gunman did, I used the stock GM dash mount and modified it to set up as high as it would go, but I did not mod the dash any. Have not finished the firewall mount yet, waiting to finish the lower end so I know exactly where it needs to be. I had to re-do the PO's saginaw mount to get steering shaft clearance.
I went to the local library and copied the wiring schematic for the '89' Jimmy. Then I ID'ed and labeled all the wires on the new column, except for the wiper switch circuit, having problems with understanding it. I have already hooked up the ignition switch and tested that part. I discovered that I needed a new fuse block, so I delayed the rest of the wiring and ordered an after market block that included the turn and hazard flashers and horn relay. I wish I had the $$ to get a new wire loom so I did'nt have to mess with the PO's re-wiring mess.

I have a few pics, but I have'nt figured out how to post them.
Jan 9, 2004
The camaro columns are the best fit from what I've heard . Have you considered a 60 series column ? It , I believe is a much cleaner install and you get to keep the toyota name on the wheel. Just a suggestion !

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