Chevy Add-A-Leaf on an FJ60??

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Feb 27, 2005
I know, I know....Why would you even do such a thing? I got an add-a-leaf long style) for a 73-87 Fullsize Chevy / GMC Straight axle...Did some research at a few manufacturers websites to compare it to the one they call for the FJ60and it would seem that it should fit. The length is 42", width 2.5, and the arch and thickness are just slightly larger on the Chevy leaf. Seems like it should work but I didnt know if I run into problems alligning the holes and or center pins or ????? Any thoughts or words of advice would be appreciated?

I have delt with add a leaf on my FJ60. The shorter 1.5" add a leaf. First I put them all around, then took them out of the front, and then last weekend took them out of the rear. The ride was horiable, you will need longer center bolts for the leaf packs, also I noticed when I took mine out there was rubbing and digging into the other leaf packs. If I am going to do it again, I would just go get my springs re arched.

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