Chevy 350 & Automatic transmission

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May 15, 2003
Hi all, two questions ,well going to be installing I'm a Chevy 350 to my 1979 bj40, I'm pondering what automatic tranny to install and the adapter required for the transfer case. I'm looking into two different trannys A Turbo 350 or a 700R4? any suggestions and hows it working ?

question two I have two transfer cases, one from a gas engine and one from a diesel any thing I should be aware of?

I'm going to be talking the Advance Adapters , they should be able to set me strait.

Thanks for any suggestions or help.
Re:  Chevy 350 & Automatic transmission

the tail end, and shaft splines are the same on those 2 trannys. I think they may even be the same length overall.
Re:  Chevy 350 & Automatic transmission

Bob: There have been 3 or 4 topics like yours ,mine is one of a search for automatic trans swap in the forums and you'll probably find them. In the mean time..try this had alot of basic info.
From what I can tell, with auto transmissions the overall drivetrain length vs. the drive shaft length is you main concern. The 700R is longer than the 350 but the payoff is the OD. I think the way to go is ..get what you can afford and dive in, there are kits for both trannies.

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