Wanted chevy 11" flywheel

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Aug 11, 2005
Sunny South
United States
I need one for my 350 - i know you can kick me in the ass for asking for chevy parts for my cruiser but i need it

chevy 11" flywheel pref. 168 tooth but i'll make do if you have the 153 or whatever... thanks!

i have paypal to get this gig rolling to!...
I have one off a 327, Im unsure of the tooth count, I will need to check.
However Im sure there has got to be one closer to you.
Mine may need to be resurfaced as well. $15.00 + shipping.
I will go count the teeth and get a pic.

EDIT, I do have the 168 tooth:D
Let me know
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I have one that has just been surfaced as well as a new ring gear if you are still looking.

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