Chevota guys clutch info update

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Feb 8, 2004
Cloverdale B.C. Canada
Hey guys. Just wanted to mention about clutches and low profile pressure plates
Number CA5473. The Key to staying with the stock Toyota master and slave. The LUK pressure plate has changed there finger height ,so not sure if that makes a difference or not yet.
I would stick to the SACHS kit it still uses the correct pressure plate or Maybe the platinum drive brand , but anyways LUK has changed something with there pressure plate finger height ,not sure if that is for less travel or more travel. ,, who knows just thought I would mention what I noticed.
The SACHS pressure plate has always been my choice before using a LUK one. They do look different cheers. SACHE in pic below

Sachs K5473-01 Clutch Kit​

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Sure hope LUK or ??? can come up with a "Chevota Specific" clutch that requires less travel to disengage since the cost of my Downey "Chevota" clutch recently went into the stratosphere. The stock Landcruiser hydraulics had just enough travel to disengage a LUK clutch, but right out at the ragged edge.
There is just enough for it to work fine. Always have to make sure your getting full travel from the master first a lot of times the clutch pedal isn’t adjusted and the pedal hits the floor board before you have actually used the full stroke of the master , adjust clutch master push rod correctly and adjust slave cylinder and it works fine. , how much is your special one now Jim.
also doesn’t the early 3 spd slave have a smaller bore combined with the later master that may give slightly more stroke that is if there is a difference in masters between 3 and 4 speeds and that the early slave doesn’t blow apart. I haven’t tested this yet but have always wanted to so I posted it up here hoping someone else will try it or check into what I’m saying. Lol
Hey Jim, does your clutch work with the LS type motors and their different flywheel?
Yes, but with some mods. Gen I and LS pressure plates have the same pressure plate bolt pattern, but you have to remove the dowl pins from the LS flywheel (they don't match earlier dowl pin pattern). We drill out the pressure plate mounting bolt holes in or Gen I pressure plates to .386" so that the plate centers on the LS mounting bolts (tight enough that the mounting bolts do the centering instead of dowl pins- - -easy deal.
Good info! I've been playing with this since I built my 55. Right now I've been using an early brake master as a clutch master for 2021 which has lead to failure of either the slave or master. I'm going back to the stock clutch master, etc. until the clutch gives up then switch to your system.
if my chevy/3 speed clutch worked with the stock fj40 slave will that same clutch work with a 4 speed with an advance adapter h42 bell housing (just swapping sides)?
I run this clutch with a sm465 and Chevy cast fork ,
Advanced adapter aluminum bellhousng toyota 4sp and toyota fork
Old school Chevy bellhousing with spacer plate and Chevy cast fork and Chevy TO bearing and Toyota 4sp transmission
All work fine for me.
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Does this require a Toyota fork to be used, or can you use a GM fork and bellhousing?
Works with GM bellhousing and GM cast fork. Not the stamped fork
Yep, old 3 speed & 4 speed conversions using the Chevy cast-iron bellhousing had to use the straight cast steel Chevy shift fork with a Chevy T.O. bearing. Both the Downey & AA cast aluminum 3 speed and 4 speed bellhousings were designed to use the stock Landcruiser shift fork, shift fork pivot ball, and stock T.O. bearing.

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