Checking Timing on 1987 FJ60

Sep 20, 2005
NW Montana Glacier Nat Park
1. Could anyone help a blind guy set the timing correctly. I have bifocals and I can't see anything that small from 3 feet away. Is there any way to brighten up the timing marks or a diagram I could follow to help get it right? I just put a new Weber carb and headers on so I would like to get it set.
2. Also any hints on timing or carb adjustment for those of us living at 3000 feet and driving in 3000 to 5000 feet routinely? I took off all the emissions stuff and the HAC already.
3. The charcoal filter for the gas tank hookup to the Weber has me puzzled as well. I hooked the small vent tube to the T on the PVC valve output so it gets vented directly to the intake manifold. What do I do with the large output line from the canister? I plugged it for now but should I tie it in to the air filter or the intake?
Thanks. I really enjoy all the information on this forum.

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Sep 2, 2005
Eugene, OR
ok, yur "blind guy" comment suckered me in. The whole bifocal story made me feel bad.

The only advice I can offer is to paint the timing marks with some yellow or orange modle paint, they show up a bit better that way.

And the best way to fix the Weber is to put a stock carb back on.


Jun 25, 2003
Boulder, CO
Add about 5 to 7 degrees of advance due to altitude. The HAC applied vacuum to one of the diaphrams on the carb. If that diaphram is still functional, you could plumb it right to the manifold to get the advance. If the diapham is non functional, you can add the advance when setting the timing.
Feb 27, 2002
If it's running, you can easily set the timing by ear, assuming it's close, adjust the distributor counterclockwise to the highest idle. Test drive the truck, you'll probably need to turn it back just a little, you want the highest idle without pinging under load, this will give the best possible performance. DO NOT allow the engine to ping constantly under heavy load, this can damage your pistons. You want it right at that edge. Believe me, every 62 owner needs to know this!
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