Checking oil level on 200 series

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Feb 19, 2015
I have a 2013 LC series 5.7 and 2010 tundra 5.7. I checked the oil level in my two motors. (first time in LC). The dipstick always reads 1/2 between the two dimples. Is this normal, how many quarts do they need, are they using oil. Just need info on the stick. The Tundra has always read that level. I assume since the LC only has under 20000 that this is normal, but need to be reassured or educated.

If that was the level it was after the oil/filter change then that's good. Mine is always at the top of the two marks and stays there until the next change at 5k mile intervals. Never had a toyota use any oil.
I think it should read at full (top dimple). Get motor up to temp, if you haven't prior to checking, switch off and check again. On my 4.6L V8 it takes 7.5L of oil even though i dump in the whole 8L.

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