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May 5, 2010
I met one of your members in a right drive LC today in Milton on my lunch break, I was driving a right drive 94 Pajero (I know its the enemy sorry^^) and he invited me to check into the forum here, very nice rig by the way guy, tho I never did catch your name hahaa

He mentioned something about sundays in quelph ? I wouldnt mind dropping by in the mitsu and saying howdy, although in fairness, this time of year im usually in a toyota Mr2 so Im not completely backwards in my brand loyalty ^^

Mike is probably the guy you met in Milton. Feel free to stop by and say hi. Keep an eye here for meeting details. Wth the summer months almost here we are hit and miss with meetings and events.
Pajero. love them... almost as much as the Mitsubishi J53 i owned and the Mitsubishi Delica i have (this one is still in Japan but i have had a couple)
i just sold my 1990 Pajero 144 (18,000 km when i sold it bought it at 6500 km).
congrats on a nice ride.
haha Nice Ive almost bought 2 Delicas in the past and have had a couple LCs in our family as well. For some reason I couldnt convince the wife that a family van needed to be able to climb mountains and push over trees as well so we settled on a nice "practical" Pajero lol



For those that dont kow a Pajero from a double shot of bourbon


nice 2 door! i've seen the same vehicle, white/pajero, in the downtown TO area...wonder if it was possibly you too?

speakin of pajeros...maybe you shoulda got this one?! lol.

1994 Mitsubishi Pajero - Exceed - Inventory - Right Drive

so which TLC's have you owned in the past phinn?!
sweet indeed, and Ya Mike at Right drive showed me the "Big foot" Its pretty impressive, but I think it was pending sold to a fella in Alberta. Its absolutely big lol, thats the best way to describe it.

I prefer the 2 door to be honest if it had the same parts as that blue one Id have been all over it !!!
Maybe I can convince Mike to part it out "wink"

and past LCs somewhere between a 78 and 81ish FJ40 as a farm vehicle that I started driving back and forth to the local dump at age 13 or so lol, and as an older kid we lived in Riyadh (late 80s early 90s) for my fathers work, the company's fleet vehicles included a couple 70 series I think, one of which we held onto for most of our stay there.

I looked long and hard at LCs before I bought my Pajero last fall but the money required for a good diesel example was prohibitive to me to import. I have seen a couple VERY clean domestic models but guys knew what they were selling and wouldn't be talked down. I am still keeping an eye out tho, My dream LC would be an old early 70s 40 like the one I grew up with.

Now The only Toyota in our garage is my Mr2, which isn't all that great in the mud mind you but a fantastic drive ^^

cool. didn't realize till after that you got yours at right drive anyway. don't know much about those guys tho, but looks like you got a good rig for what you need. who knows, one day, you'll be back on a cruiser! but yeah mr2's are fun i bet. i've see a couple those from japan too. fun car no doubt!
thanks ^^ The mr is a left drive Canadian car and a blast in ways the 4x4s arn't. I have plans for the pajero but everytime I take it anywhere It doesnt lack the traction Ive needed so far. Definitely a winch is in the future, other then that Ill have to break stuff to justify replacing it with more beef.


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