Checking charcoal canister- what psi??

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Apr 18, 2005
Bellbrook, OH
I searched... :)

I did the canister test per the FSM- 123k on our '97. I have no issues, just doing routine maint. The FSM says something like .23 (point 23) psi to blow into it to see if air comes out the other holes. The other test is 1 psi. Is this right? Nothing comes out at those WAY low pressures. I used about 20 psi and heard the valve clicking and got air out per the test, but only at the higher pressure. Couldn't get anything to blow out by using my own breath.

What have others done, seen for test, pls? The 'cleaning' at 40 psi produced no debris out of the canister.

just one bump...

come on guys, none of you have done this test? hard to believe in our group of rententive posters....
i will stop after this one, but!.... come on! it's right in the FSM to test the canister! this canister has been discussed much here- replacing, stinks like gas, etc... no one has tested it per the FSM!? .... i'm just laughing with incredulity-- good word.

Its pure EPA equipment, if it goes bad only effect is a gas smell, it can be deleted if you desired, does not effect the engine,
OST, there is one possible bad effect, if the outlet in the frame is plugged with mud when the canister purge cycle starts it can colapse the fuel tank.

so make sure the outlet from the bottom of the canister to the frame is open and free flowing.

that is the only test i would bother with.
Let us know how proud toyota is of those canisters.
I am guessing $150
Mine smells like gas--what is the procedure for deletion?

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