Checked out this 69 - looks rough

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Aug 22, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
Went over and took some pictures. Not much factory left on it. Got a chevy motor in it. It looks like it might have been used as a plow truck at some point.

There are some more pics on my site:

I'm not selling this...but rather looking at it as candidate for frame up.

So far the only requirment I have is hard top tub doors glass axles and wheels. I guess it meets those :)

Picasa Web Albums - Mike - 69 FJ40 For Sale#
Looks like a pretty good starting point to me, am I missing something?
I'll bet you have up in Duluth! My buddy has a real rust bucket up in Brainerd (but the rear heater was in good shape!). I grew up in those parts...miss climbing at Palisade Head. :)
Yeah the rust is usually terrible up here.

My current 40 is from Arizona. Similar body/paint condition as that one you are looking at. Mine didn't run either.

So I was looking for a no to little rust truck. Didn't really care if it ran or not.
I've heard these Chevy 6's were the blueprint for F...but

I've also heard it is a myth, internally.

It was bolted to a toyota 3 speed. Are there issues with the bolt up?

I guess this is proof it can work to some degree.
I'm going to look at corrugated top tomorrow

I'll post some pictures after I look. See...I could just go ahead and put a rear seat in my 74. But this way, the lady and my other 6 year old can ride in their own hardtop behind us!

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