Check it out! new my new fishing/ cooler rack

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Feb 1, 2010
Long Island NY
Thought I'd share some pics of my new fishing/ cooler rack, am I the only one with this type of set up? :clap:
Is that a receiver style setup so you can put it on the back for driving and/or backing up to the swamp?
It's either for a seat or for the boat trailer hitch so he can watch the boat down the boat ramp. Or a cattle poker.
The long tube sticking out is just for mock up purposes, I'm making up a bracket for the aluminum rack to sit on. The whole set up connects to the truck via a class 3 receiver, it can be moved to the rear, but is designed to be driven with at the front of the truck. Can't wait to head to Montauk this weekend!
You gonna get that rig sandy?

Nice looking do you have the auto deflate valves...the on-board air....and all the other accessories for Montauk?

I would also think you would need bigger boxes for a big striped bass.

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