Check Engine Lights[CEL] Code 71 (1 Viewer)

Sep 4, 2004
San Diego
Hello:) ,

I have read your forum for awhile now without really ever getting involved. I want to thank you all for being so helpful in remedying each other and me. I have had an on and off problem with my above mentioned code, which seem to have fixed after the head gasket/valve job[EGR cleaning].

I R&R my water pump[weeping] after running hot and it[CEL] popped. I then read a few bzillion posts and somebody had said have you cleaned your air lines, it dawned on me, I had never cleaned the air lines. Well low and behold, I bypassed the hard lines[can't clean one out], and then reset the CEL. It has not been back for over 1.5 weeks. :) Cool.

Now if I could just find a Toyota parts manual with numbers, I would be doing well. I have all of this stuff for Porsche stuff. Do to me being a Porsche nut, that is easy to get compared to this Parts manual.

Thanks to all for helping out and sometimes not knowing it..


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