Check engine light, EGR lean.

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Jan 6, 2006
Eugene, OR
The CEL on my '96 TLC is on and the code read "EGR lean". Does anyone have any ideas on what might be the cause of the problem? I disconnected the battery and the CEL has not come back on yet.

Thanks in advance, Gene
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Well, of course the CEL came back on. Using the FSM and all the great info here, I started to troubleshoot the p0401 code. I replaced all the vacuum lines that I could see and reach. I applied vacuum to the EGR and the engine immediately died. The Mod has a blue cap and had no visible carbon in it. I dissconnected all lines to the Mod and it passed air, then did not when the engine was ran at 2500 rpm. The FSM just says that air should pass freely. How freely? It passed air but it took quite a bit of pressure to do it. Is there a gasket that needs to be replaced when the TB is removed? Does the upper intake gasket need to be replaced or is it a permanent type?

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