Cheapest country in South/Central America to import from?

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Mar 19, 2023
Hi there, Just spent the better part of 3 months in Costa Rica and saw some really nice units and got me really wanting to source one and bring it to Canada. I looked through Kijiji, Autotrader, and Marketplace and didn't find what I'm after. As theres only about 30 units for sale across Canada. I know itll be a great big headache. But since I know Nicaragua is a lot cheaper than Costa Rica I started thinking I could start there. And then thought well why not look at the cheapest place possible. Anyone know where that'd be in Central/South America? Thx
I imported an HJ45 about 2 years ago from Honduras. I did most of the paperwork myself and arranged all the logistics. I have a guy there who would find me cruisers there regularly and send pictures and prices. After working the prices, shipping and taxes and the quality of the vehicles it wasn’t worth it for me most of the time. I still keep in touch with him and occasionally look for a 70 series troopy etc. I’m glad I did it and learned about importing but not sure I’ll ever do it again from there. Maybe if price was right and if the truck was exceptional but doubtful from SA. If you want pm me and I’ll see what he has, but most are over priced. My .02.

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