Cheap Sequoia AC upgrade

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Mar 11, 2010
phoenix, AZ
So my fan for the AC with out, and I wanted a few more CFMs to cool it, so I shopped for a new electric fan that wouldn't set me back as much as a stocker. I found somewhere once, and then couldn't double check, but I think the stock one does 1100 CFM. The new one does 2300.
I was going to build some brackets and all that, but with some dumb luck, I was able to pull apart the stock setup and put new one in with some zip ties. It fit so well that I had to let you guys know that there is an option for some cooler air from the AC.
So, for a step by step process.
1. Pull fan assembly and unscrew motor from it.
2. Cut off the front grill of the bracket assembly.
3. Flip fan blades on new fan. (One nut, super easy)
4. Wire new plug. Blue on Black, Blue on White... whatever you do, just make sure it's pushing.
5. Zip tie fan into new housing. Some trimming will be needed. \
6. Chill out Arnold style.





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