cheap locked diesel 81

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Jul 20, 2009
Stock . Just heading out to pick it up,if you want one for yourself pm me. Gone till sundayish though. Come Monday it will be on Craigslist (at market value ).
No response, good ,I have to do a few things to it before I sell it apperantly. Would not want to see this one become a wheeler anyway . Almost couldn't buy it because I was a smoker,the truck has never been smoked in before. I got 729 km to a tank at 2300rpm set on cruise at 109kmph(I didn't think that was possible) .all hyw.miles . The low range shifter I don't think has ever been used. Here is a good one he changed the oil every 2500 km. And ya the oil looked like new oil ,and no smoke period . Can't believe they put a new pump in it and never removed the acsd( being I got a ton of parts new and used with it and some of it was injested acsd pump stuff.) So long story short not for sale .thanks for the prior interest though,I'm going to read all his receipts, wish I had his newest one for seven grand.

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