Cheap Headlight Install

May 16, 2008
Bend, Oregon
After a few years of water draining into my headlights (due to removed wind faring on hood but not knowing I needed to replace the rubber stripping underneath that was removed when it was installed), my headlights were pretty much worthless.

Owning an LX450, my options were as follows:
  1. Order new OE Headlights (and possibly convert to projectors)
  2. Try and track down old OE
  3. Go Depo's with new grill
  4. Go Cheapo with new grill.

1 & 2 were just out of reach for me at the current time. Of note this would really be the best/most appropriate but I just don't have that cash right now.
3 would be nice but they seemed to either be out of stock or in the 400+ price range.
4 quick shipping from amazon, can be had for ~$130 and works better than my junky old headlights.

So pulled the trigger.

To summarize, these are no where near OEM quality. Probably no where near depo quality. But they work a whole bunch better than my rusted out original headlights and install is fairly quick.

Items you will need to sort out:

  • While stated that these are plug and play, they are not. They currently have a common ground wire between the low and high which since one of these is ground switched, will cause all sorts of issues if you just plug them in. All you need to do to fix this is snip the intermediate terminal off, and wire the two pigtails directly to each of the lights.
  • As a "bonus", you will get what they refer to as a DRL; its another high beam bulb in the middle of the light. I briefly considered wiring this to the high beam harness but was worried I'd be just about at the max amps for that fuse. I may wire these to an additional light switch I have in the dash for some lights mounted on the bumper.
  • I skipped wiring in the halo's to the parking light circuit as I just didn't really care about it.

  • The standard cruiser lights are wider than the lx450 lights, so you have to do something. I was hesitant to chop up my lx grill so I used an older "TOYOTA" grill I had. Not sure if this was from a fj80 or an early model fzj, but it is definitly not a direct swap. This particular grill is about 1" shorter than the lx grill. One of the screws (bottom middle) won't line up.
  • Other than the fact it looks super junky from far away, it at least fills the gap
  • To do this "more right" I believe you need a Sombro Grill to have minimal modifications necessary.
  • When using the older grill, I had to trim off the side of one of the lower inner brackets on the headlights.
    • You will also need to reuse some of the "inserts" from your old OE lights.
  • You will definitely have to adjust these, they are set WAY too high.
So, all said and done, for the minimal price these are massivly better than what I had. Its not a great long term solution that I feel will last or look good, but for me its a safer option for the time being.






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