For Sale Cheap 100 Series $3,000 need TPS - Not Mine

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I thought I would pass this one along. If I didn't have a 100 series, I would be checking this one out. I checked Toyota's website and it was serviced by Toyota till 2008 or so. VIN: JT3HT05J8Y0117031
285,000 miles.

Land Cruiser 100 Series $3,000!
Strand - you must be in FL somewhere, I'm in Fort Lauderdale area...

I looked at this truck last night, I'm really looking for a nice 80 series, but I figured for $3k I might take this instead. I decided to pass on it.

Here are my observations:
It currently will start but then immediately die, will not stay running. I read the codes out with a reader and it shows P0120 (Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor) and P1330 (unknown to my reader). I cleared the codes, but still would start then die. Owner says the timing belt has been changed 3 times, at approx 90k intervals. Drivers door panel was pretty worn, leather falling off of tranny shifter, CD stuck in stock stereo making annoying noise, center console leather beat up, in fact all leather pretty dirty might be able to restore with leatherique, carpet filthy. Tires in ok shape but needing air in back driver side. Clear coat peeling badly on top pf driver front fender, plastic engine cover cracked, power steering hose leaking near reservoir. All windows went up and down, sunroof opened and closed, rear vent windows opened and closed. Guy said radiator was replaced last year. The last timing belt was done by a Toyota mechanic but off the clock, so I don't think there are any records of it. Truck has a lot of miles and it shows.
Cory, Yep, I'm in Palm Beach Gardens. 80s are getting very hard to find.
Thanks for the info. on the 100 series.

Still it may not be a bad purchase for someone. I have seen guys asking 3k for ones that have blown engines. Did you see the other 100 or craigslist that had some body damage?

Also, Good luck on your 80 search, what year/s are you looking for?
Eric - Nice, you are somewhat close. I didn't mean to be so discouraging about this truck, I just wanted to list the things I saw. I don't think 3k is bad, and I honestly do believe it simply has the common TPS/APS issue, just I was hoping it really ONLY needed the TPS/APPS.

I exchanged some text messages with the owner of the other 100 series, but sounded to me like it needs a lot of body and paint work. Probably both of these trucks would be a pretty good deal, but I think the 80 series is really where I'm leaning.

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