SOLD Chattanooga, TN: 95-97 80 Series Front Valance / Bumper Filler

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Feb 26, 2015
Lookout Mountain, GA
United States
Had one of this on the shelf for quote a while now. All tabs are unbent. Color is the darker green. I bought this to fix a problem I didn't have. $150 + Shipping.
How do we get a quote on shipping to KC (66206). Im interested!!

I think you just bend over and grab you ankles. :flipoff2:

I'll try to get it boxed up and prepped for shipping and get a price from USPS and post the dims of the box with weight.
Got this boxed up the best I can with what I have. It's ugly for sure. Should be OK with shipping. I will insure this thing for the purchase price plus the cost of the shipping so that, in the event it is not handled with care, everyone gets their money back. I'll take it to the PO later and get a firm rate to KC.


Based on dimensions of 62"L x 13"W x 11"T, 20LBS, the rate to KC, MO is $129.60. It's boxed up[ and ready to ship. There's about 5LBS of extra cardboard and packing tape that I used to Frankenstein a box together. Let me know.

EDIT: UPS has this at $79.80
Thanks for the quick work on getting a price for S&H.

How do we exchange info to make this happen?

Too bad my folks aren't coming thru Chattanooga from Helen, GA until next week.

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