chassis ramme hj61

Apr 6, 2010
hey with you
will just presents myself I am a boy of 19 years living in Denmark
I bought a toyota land cruiser hj61men it is a little rusty in the chassis frame
Today I make a couple holes on the frame and for fun I cut a square out a place where it was not so bad but I find it temlig rusty anyway when it believes is 4mm at the base scars frame is corroding away almost all the way so the only approximately 1 mm.
you can get a new frame from toyota? are they doing them still?
In possibly any links from someone over here who sells such a thing
or should I make the bar? are apprenticed as a blacksmith so might bucks new stringers but what about strength and can resikere and pull crooked? it must be galvanized after.
Mar 22, 2008
North Vancouver
I have a Landcruiser HJ60 with a rusty frame as well. Toyota does not sell Landcruiser frames anymore, so you will have to find a frame from a less rusty truck and install it in your truck.

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