Charlotte Area Meeting - Sunday, June 26

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Dec 16, 2011
EDIT: Location chosen!
SUNDAY, June 26, 2016
Carolina Beer Temple
Carolina Beer Temple
131 Matthews Station St #1C, Matthews, NC 28105

CBT is NOT a restaurant, although they do sell some prepackaged sandwiches from a local restaurant, and they DO allow outside carryout food to be eaten onsite. Check out the FOOD tab on their website for info. CBT is a retail craft beer (and cider) shop with a bar. Inside and outside seating is available.

We can talk about options for July at the meeting.

The below idea has gotten a good response, so let's go with it for now:
Odd months = Saturday in Charlotte near uptown
Even months = Sunday in South or East Charlotte/Matthews area

Are weekends still the preferred days for most of you?

What about the 3pm time?

Is there anybody who would rather host at their place than meet at a restaurant?

Having said all that, I know how the summer months get with vacations and such, so I'm thinking about some options for July already. Maybe a midweek lunch or after work thing in uptown AND an evening near Matthews? Shaun @angerhater has offered his place in the past, and I think Dave @roadstr6 has, too, so maybe those guys can chime in if the timing is right (as can anybody else that might want to host) for an evening out there. Grill up some meat and bring some sides?

We've added so many members from the Union County side over the last year that it just makes sense to me to start spreading out the meeting locations. And we all know the nightmare of trying to get from one side to the other during the week.

Post up your thoughts on this or PM/call/email me.

For those who have read this far...;)...would you rather we all cruise up to the 40/77 or 40/321 area on the 26th to meet Johnny's @GLTHFJ60 Hurricane Creek contingent on their way back to RDU? This would, of course, require those folks to be willing and on a schedule. And I'd have to drive up there to scout an outdoor location since they'll all stink.
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I think the odd/even meeting locations is a brilliant idea.

I would be willing to host a meet-up or even a HAMOM at my house...especially a potluck or if we all bring our own stuff to grill, etc. It is hard to host something like this as well as provide food for everybody because we never know how many will show up and there are always last minute cancellations. We could all chip in and order a few pizzas to be delivered. That would be easy peezy.
Gimme another month and if there is any interest in CLT folks making the trek down to the lake for an afternoon of BS, Brats, and Brews, I'll be game to host. The garage is almost finished, the smoking/bbq deck should be done in the next couple a weeks, and the dock should be reconnected in July ...
I'm fine with anything if I don't have anything else scheduled. Headed to Asia in 10 days so won't make it this month.

I like Sam's idea, I'll bring my paddle boards and kids/adults can try them out.

@roadstr6 - do you have a welder? I'm going to have some sliders that will need welded on in July.
I live right next to Shaun and Dave, and not far from Izzy, so whatever works for everyone is great for me. Looking forward to it!
Morning or closer to noon is preferred, how about a meeting in North Chesnee LOL
@tgadd I do have a welder but it is only a 140 volt mig. It is not ideal for welding thick metal like sliders. I think you would want something more substantial for a potentially load bearing part.

Thanks for calling me out Dave!

The idea of a regular schedule is a good one. I enjoyed having everyone over in Dec. '14 and would consider hosting again and breaking out cornhole, horse shoes, and the dart board.

Grilling out sounds like a good idea if it isn't too hot. Not sure a newbie would feel comfortable showing up at some random guy's house for a "meeting" but maybe I'm wrong.

I still really liked the place on South Blvd. there at Atherton Mill (former SouthEnd Brewery?) as it had picnic tables on the outdoor patio and lots of parking along South Blvd. Not sure what is there now.

My girls' end of season swim team party is on 6/26 at 4 pm. I'm hoping I don't need to be there but need to get clearance from the :princess:.
we can set up and run through sprinklers here if it is too guys can have a Buddha belly wet Tshirt contest.....haha
You are starting to scare me Shaun :rainbow:
Just added to the family.... 2000 Lx470. Soo excited!

As a favor to the club, I trekked down to Sam's new digs to ensure they would be appropriate for a future meeting. I found the service and food to be excellent, they stocked my favorite beer IN A BOTTLE and the view was spectacular. Therefore, I fully support a future event at this locale.
We aim to please!

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