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Oct 14, 2020
Charlestown, IN
Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
47111 Charlestown Indiana, United States
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1994 Land Cruiser for sale. Great off-road project!! Radiator developed a bad leak. Decided to buy something newer when the radiator went. I’ve maintained this vehicle very well and driven for nearly 100k miles. Factory front and rear differential lockers in working order. Custom 3” stainless exhaust with Magnaflow muffler. 5 nearly new Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires. Regular oil changes with Mobil 1 oil & high quality filters. Air conditioning serviced about 40,000 miles ago and blows ice cold. Nice sounding aftermarket stereo (needs a new head unit). I’ve driven it to Gatlinburg and thru the mountains many times! Call or text at 502-777-7626. $3,000 OBO.

Major maintenance log:
  • * Most recent oil change at 191,135 miles
  • * Most recent tune up at 195,541 miles
  • 111,900 – Birfield joints serviced / axle shafts cleaned & repacked, inner & outer wheel bearings & outer axle bronze spindle bushings, Bosh front rotors & Hawk LTS front pats
  • 121,293 – Replaced EGR vacuum modulator
  • 131,028 – Transmission filter changes, flushed & filled
  • 137,387 – New Toyota belts & idler pulley
  • 145,338 – Flushed cooling system, new Toyota thermostat, replaced most heater hoses including the “pesky heater hose” (still needs the “pesky” heater core hoses changed), constant tension clamps
  • 150,963 – New O2 sensors
  • 151,098 – New ignition coil
  • 152,654 – New throttle position sensor
  • 155,633 – Brake job with Hawk LTS Carbon Metallic pads front and rear and rear rebuilt calipers.
  • 155,895 – New Denso evaporator core & expansion valve and R134a refrigerant
  • 157,461 – 4 new KYB Monomax shocks & Monroe Magnum steering stabilizer
  • 160,817 – New valve cover gasket, PCV valve, cleaned throttle body, Full tune up including plug wires and fuel filter, gas cap, distributor o-ring seal, new vacuum lines, rebuilt starter, replaced hood lifts
  • 161,336 – Rebuilt Mass Airflow Meter
  • 172,293 – Drained transmission fluid & refilled with synthetic fluid
  • 173,726 – Replaced center differential 4wd indicator switch and front & rear differential lock indicator switches
  • 180,000 – New 02 sensor for bank #2 (cylinders 4,5,6)
  • 183,000 – New front and rear Bosch QuietCast rotors and Hawk Ferro Carbon pads. Repacked front wheel bearings.
  • 185,151 – New Duralast Gold Battery
  • 188,630 – Replaced all 4 transmission solenoids, transmission filter and filled with Valvoline synthetic fluid
  • 192,799 – New rear inner and outer SKF wheel bearings, races, wheel seals, axle shaft seals & synthetic differential fluid
  • 195,541 – New NGK spark plugs, distributor cap & rotor

The not so good:
  • Needs new radiator. The radiator developed a leak where the plastic top meets the radiator body.
  • Radio stopped working. I have another used radio that I can give with the car for the buyer to install.
  • Needs rear left ABS sensor wiring harness (perhaps the sensor too)
  • Has the rust below the rear window, above the windshield and in the rocker panels (see pics)
  • Has paint fade around the cowl on the hood (see pics) and clearcoat is peeling from the fender flares
  • Rear window defroster no longer works. There is 12v going to the defroster but it needs a new defroster grid.
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