For Sale Charleston SC, 76 FJ40 wiring harness

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Jun 20, 2018
Charleston, SC
United States
Wiring harness from a 76 FJ40. Complete with all plugs and fuse block. $50

Yes please
Dang that was fast! @Nathos What are you planning on using in its place? I have a 76 and would have snatched this up just to know what my harness is missing. Oh well, Beachcomer was too fast!
Priced it to get it out of my garage mate. I installed a new 20 circuit harness and customized it for my build with isolated relays in a single location.
I got a BUNCH of stuff today from a bloke who has finished his project. If you are looking for anything I may have and and don’t want to have it taking up room in my already small garage.
@Charliemurphy if you were serious, I’ll send you pics and help you research your missing wiring bits.
We’ll get you there C.
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