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Dec 23, 2002
I was recently reading an article The artilce is discussing 24 volt system and states,

"...since the system is made of two 12 volt batteries in series, the assumption is that each battery will be receiving an equal charge from the alternator. However, in reality, if one battery has a slightly higher charge, say 13 volts, then the other battery will only be receiving 11 volts. This overcharges the one battery, and undercharges the other. If this continues, eventually both batteries will be fried."

Understandably, there are differences between the 24v and 12v systems, but I would assume that the basic concept is the same. My question is: With a dual battery setup in an 80 series (or any 12 volt vehicle for that matter) is a voltage equilizer necessary ? I have dual yellow top optimas and use the wranglernw setup and I notice that nothing like this is usually mentioned in threads about dual battery setups. Does the 80 series already have a voltage equilizer built-in ?

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Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
Its only a problem is the batts are not seperated somehow, like if you ran them parale or in series(to give 24 volts) On a 24 volt system it's recogmended that both batts are the same age and size or they will fight with each other till one or both dies.

with your Wrangler selnoid this is not an issue.

if you curious, take a volt meter to you batts, start car, leave switch to left, check batts, both should be the same voltage or very close.

IMOP no worries I run 3 systems just like yours, my 80 has had dual batts for 5+ years.
Mar 27, 2003
Matt -

I agree with J. As long as the batteries are isolated from each other - and they should be on an ordinary dual battery systery such as we all use - then you won't have any problems.

I have an old truck (several dog lifetimes...) that has run a dual battery isolator system (similar to the Wrangler) since forever, and I've never had any problems. The Cruiser's batteries use a solenoid system, and no issues here either.

Cheers, R -

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