Charcoal Canister Pipe ID?

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Dec 30, 2015
Houston, TX

1990 FJ62

Been having pressure in fuel tank, so began to switch around the two hoses on can. However, it seems like the hoses were backwards if I look at the FSM pictures. In FSM the tank pipe would be closest to firewall, f the bottom vent exits toward the front of truck. So the line from tank should be attached to the pipe closest firewall (left in picture) and the purge/VCV should be the one towards the grille, correct? I connected along this one of thought, see pic, right or wrong?

Thanks, Marc
If you're not the original owner, the PO may have swapped the hose connections to prevent blowing up the tank. Leave them backwards.
The char can has a check valve in the tank port that sticks and can cause the tank to overpressurize. The purge port does not.
Output Shaft

I was getting pressure in tank, that's why I checked the can. Read a bunch of the forums. The lines were the other way around from how they are in the picture. Do I have them correct now? Pressure was building when they were the other way around. I blew and each pipe allows air to pass so I think I have a bad can.

Thank you for always being out there with answers!


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