Charcoal canister missing , gas tanks venting issue

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Jan 11, 2003
El Paso, Texas
I had a V8 conversion done on my 1985 FJ-60 a couple years back. This year I have been noticing the gas tank pressurizing and "whistling" . When the tank was near full and parked on a slight angle gas would be pouring out of the tank.

I thought it was the charcoal canister but that was removed. I have identified a vent line out of the gas tank and it was plugged. I removed the plug and will see what happens but I am concerned that gas may flow out from there or have a gas smell all the time.

I have explored the archives and could not find how to vent the tank safely with having a charcoal canister.

Don't fill the tank to the brim for one.

The stock 60 has a fuel/vapor separator in the RR access panel. It's purpose is to separate out wet fuel from the vapor breather pipes in the tank so that only vapors travel to the charcoal canister in the engine compartment.

The only way to vent a gas tank and not smell the fumes is by using a charcoal canister. You can vent without a cc, so long as the vent is higher than the top of the tank. Or you can vent the ghetto way and stuff a rag in the filler pipe.

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