Charcoal canister hose routing

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Fallon 40

Oct 19, 2007
We have a 4/71 but our seats are the 9/71 type.
Three back s with the charcoal canister behind the middle seat back. I’m looking for a clear diagram on the hose routing from the gas tank and the four tubes coming from the seat back canister. I do not see it in our FSM or on the SOR site.
I'm not familiar with the '71 but on my '78 the charcoal can is under the hood. Are you sure that the thing behind the seat is the charcoal can? On mine the rear heater is in the position you described.
It's not the rear heater. It's fastened to the back of the middle seat back covered by the metal panel.
On the bottom, hose's connect to the tank for the fumes. When I took it off I failed to take pics!
I see. Sounds like the fuel seperator. Someone here that is more familiar with your year will post with an answer I'm sure. Sorry I couldn't help.
See this link, scroll down two pictures, and look at item 45 (Picture titled 9/73-12/78 FJ40).

Specter Off-Road-Land Cruiser Parts - Page 168-Gas Tanks

It's a fuel separator. On the '74 model, it's behind the passenger seat on the tub wall. Claudia (DSRTRDR) has an FJ-40 like yours with the separator on the back of the seat.

I just hooked up the hoses in the same order they come off the separator. It's hard to imagine that that thing is very complicated, but who knows. I was tempted to cut it open, but at $45 for a used one - I had it gold plated, instead.

It seems to work fine - no gas smell in the cockpit.


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