Changing old center arm pivot for newer

Jan 22, 2003
I've got a '66 FJ40 and I'm about to add mini truck PS. I also want to change my old pin style center arm for the newer tapered-cone adjustable one. I've got a shim made for the front crossmember, and it looks like I just need to box part of the frame horn on the driver's side. Has any one ever done this before? The shim for the crossmember, should I weld it? Or can I use it as a shim and bolt it through with some Grade 8 bolts? The shim is solid, milled by a friend and will fit nice and snug. As for the boxing, I'm going to have a channel shaped piece bent to fit inside the frame horn, then weld it top and bottom.
OK, grade my paper here...BEFORE I screw up.

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