changing clutch hose

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87 fj60 / 95 fjz80
Feb 10, 2011
CA for little while
87 fj60 -- the oil was black so im trying to change the clutch hose - not easy - after i got the old one off all of the fluid drained from the reservoir -

will i now have to take it off and bleed it -- :bang:

could the black be from the master rubber
Because the fluid is black isn't a reason to change the hose.
But if you are going through that much trouble should just replace the slave cylinder as well in my opinion.
Brake fluid gets dirty and breaks down for a variety of reasons. Never being changed is the main one.
it was clear not long ago - but it has been sitting for a year - changing the slave do they carry aisin at advance or autozone i wonder
Usually turns black from a degraded master and rotting rubber. Personally I would replace the master first. It is very easy and takes only 5 mins. Bleeding the system is easy to do with a helper to push the pedal. Bleed at the slave. Don't leave your cell phone on the bumper and drive away to test the clutch. Good way to lose a phone, ask how I know.
If you only have one person (no helper) I recommend getting speed bleeders. You can order these online from summit racing for about $10/pair--yes you only need one for the clutch, but the same size also fits in the various brake cylinders, and the LSVP, I believe (six total needed with LSPV). these look like the stanadard bleed valve, but they have a little check ball in them to prevent back flow.

If you are replacing the master, you should replace the slave too. The wear out at about the same rate.

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