changing body bushings on 81 FJ40 question

Jun 19, 2008
Ventura CA
My project of the week is changing my old, flat, 28 year old body bushings. I got most of the bolts loose today, which wasn't too bad. Now I have to jack the tub up off the old ones and replace them. My question is: Do I have to loosen the front fender mounting brackets when I jack the tub? The instructions don't say so but it seems that jacking the tub would rack the front fenders if I left them bolted up tight, since they are bolted to the tub.

Any other hot tips are welcome. I have never done this job.



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Nov 5, 2004
mmm you can do that, or lossen/undo the bolts. there are usually three per side two on the diagonal and one to the step. depending on your PO there my be more or less than this. Also, if you do loosen the fender bolts to the frame, make sure you mark where they are before loosening. Oh yeah, depending on the height of your mounts, you may have to adjust the fenders accordingly. One last thing, keep track of the little shim disks, they look like impregnated canvas. Put them back in the same place they came from... do one at a time so you don't get confused and through them together in a box and pull them out months later and say oh sh## which was which!
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