Changed ALL my lubes today...results

Dec 4, 2002
Thanks for all your input on the tranny/ whine. The 'ol '78 FJ40 rebuild is OFFICIALLY on the road after a 2-year build-up. :cheers: :beer: :beer: :beer:
I had my first 100 mile oil change today on the rebuilt 2F.I got with a couple of buddies and had a "Grease Party". We changed oil,rotated tires,etc. on our rigs.
I replaced oil with 8.5 quarts Castrol RX 15/40 following advice on this board. That'll stay in there for 400 miles. I used a Motorcraft Fl-1A filter. The oil I drained was very black and smelt like exhaust,nothing that concerned me.
I drained ALL lubes from underneath the rig,10 quarts of Castrol 80/90 gear lube. It was interesting. The rear diff. fluid was a dark grey, as was the front diff. fluid. I suspect some water perhaps. :-\
The transfer case was almost empty. That not only explains the excessive whining but the transfer shift lever now operates alot easier. :doh:
The tranny lube was a first for me. It had an orange tint from RUST ??? That 3 years of set-up with alot of condensation in the Florida air took it's toll on it, evidently.
The 15-mile ride home was quieter than before. While the 4th gear whine was still there it wasn't overwhelming.
One of my buddies is an electrician so he squared me away on my light wiring isssues while I changed oil on his rig.
There you have it. Another FJ40 saved from the boneyard!
I came home and parked the rig for the day while I rushed inside to watch the Florda-Georgia game, GO GATORS!
I'll check for leaks tomorrow.
Apr 24, 2003
the trans case fluid is most likely leaking back to the gearbox, through a shot seal. you can fix the seal, or rig up a pipe going between the filler hole of the trans case to the filler hole on the gearbox. that way they share fluid.

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