Change head gasket or not?

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Jun 27, 2010
Fort Worth, Texas
I have got the motor stripped down for cleaning and painting. Also going to put in a new front crank seal and have the manifolds surfaced.


I have an OEM head gasket in the garage and it would only be a matter of taking the head bolts out. No evidence of a blown headgasket as the coolant looked great. The edges of the gasket on the drivers side of the motor are pretty thrashed though.

Leave it or change it?

Thanks :cheers:
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
how many miles on the engine? if your that close already, especially without the manifold, its going to be a ton easier to just change it out now instead of when its all back together. i promise you won't want to do it then
Replacing a head gasket in an F series engine is it is not blown is like putting your leg in a cast in case it breaks someday.

Pointless at best.


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