Chain saws.

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Mar 27, 2003
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I have a small chain saw that I like to have along for tight trails(that way I can do a bit of gardening to get thru without maring my finish :rolleyes: ) It is a very old and tired McCullough. (SP?). Any recommendations for a new compact saw to replace it with?

Jonsered is the best brand IMO. I think they actually invented the chain saw. Next best is Husqavarna or Stihl. I own a Jonsered and it blows away every other chain saw I've ever had - powerful, lightweight, safe, always starts easily,easy to maintain, reliable as a Cruiser.
I have a stihl which is 135cc, and had a 6' bar when I got it, but we cut it down to 30" so it fits across the car, handy for those trees that are bigger than normal, and 135cc makes short work on the shortened bar of any tree.

It is an olde runit, and has no chain brake, so needs to be used wisely..

I have a 16" bar stihl I carry all the time for firewood etc, it fits in a case, goes 3rd pull every time, the wife can use it, great little saw, and common here so parts etc easy to get.

Not to plastic either, in case it gets dropped etc.

I have an 026 with a 16" bar that goes with me everywhere. Works great. I will be getting a 009L for the back of my XR250R Honda here shortly.
Stihl or Husky...
Husqavarna are going down hill. i work with a landscaper every summer, and he runs an ancient Husqavarna, bought a new one cause he thought it was about time for a newy, and the new Husqavarna crapped itself in 2 months, required something to be fixed almost every week, so the boss went back to his old one and has no trouble

granted it sees a s*** load of action, but all his tools are well looked after, just this one couldn't hack it.
may be alright for occasional use
I've been using Stihls for years and they have always been reliable. When I lived in upstate NY my father-in-law and I used to cut firewood to heat our houses (we'd get state contracts), so it saw quite a bit of action and never gave me any problems.

When I moved to NJ, I wanted something smaller, so the one I have now (can't remember model...) has only a 16 inch bar, but I can still handle trees almost twice that diameter. You really gotta be cutting regularly or going after giant sequoias if you need more than that IMO. Plus it's small and light. Downside is the fuel capacity which limits your cutting time, but for what you're using it for, it won't matter.

Own a 360 pro...Great saw, has never let me down. Probably a bit more then you need, try their 170 or 180 series saws.
Well it seems that I'll be getting a Still, I always wanted one but was concerned about the ATF (oops, wrong topic! :whoops: ).

So, Stihl it is........Thanks gents. :cheers:
yep, stihl is she shiat!!
I own a Husqy, and have used several Stihls. On a buddies' farm they have several Stihls and a Husky. The Husky is more powerful and breaks less, these are mistreated farm implements, not once a year used basement kept home tools. However, I have heard that the newer Husky's are not as good as the older ones. That said, if I were to buy a used one, it would be a husky.
Rancher 55 is what I've got, works great.

That's a dainty saw............ :rolleyes:

I'd like a bit of room for other stuff n the rig ;)
Yep, don't carry it in the rig much. That ones for the serious woodcutting. (4 cord stacked in the drive in 24 hrs). I love the smell of fresh cut pine. ;)
Husqavarna or Stihl that all you will see a logger with. My old man has 3 Stihls and 2 Husky's......he collects chain saws like I collect Cruisers.

Me I'm partial to Stihl

as the original owner of my fj45 had a chainsaw shop :)
That would be like giving up your LX for a mountain bike. ;) Actually I do have the axe and every other form of woodsman tool imagineable but don't carry it all in my FJ. I carry a Machete, a hatchet, a pair of limb loppers, and my smallest chainsaw. We, as a group, work on trail maintenance at least twice a month. On those days we take the works. I even have a side plow/grader arrangement that I pull with my Yamaha 4-wheeler for those washed out or sluffed off hillsides that are too narrow for our rigs. A few passes with the Yamaha and the FJ can make it. Sorry guys, got way off topic there. :whoops: :slap:

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